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This page capture items of particular interest that don’t fit into any of the main articles on COVID-19. As such, they are not researched but are recorded with a link-back to the source from which a researcher may move forward.

Best Practices

To date, Sweden has shown to have had the most effective and least damaging approach economically[1].



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  53. Five Times More Children Committed Suicide Than Died Of COVID-19 During Lockdown: UK Study
  54. Study Finds Children Born During Lockdown Have Lost IQ Points, Impaired Cognitive Functioning
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Here is a site tracking lock-down damage: Collateral Global.

Social Distancing

Legal Issues

Legal aspects of COVID-19 measures must be approached on a jurisdictional basis. As such, no comprehensice position is possible, but we will add information by country as it becomes available.


Rebel News has engaged legal counsel on the legality of mandatory mask wearing and vaccination. As a result, they have made available, cards and buttons describing your right to refuse mask wearing under the law in Canada[1]. They also have a ‘fight the fines‘ campaign.

Ontario MPP has researched the mask issue and discusses it in this next video:

Canuck Law has some tips on dealing with the issue of being challenged on not wearing a mask[6].


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Death Rate

Continuing anecdotal reports of miss-classification of deaths as due to COVID-19 are borne out by recent research by Gu.


The public is widely uninformed or misinformed about the efficacy and availability of certain types of tests. Now we will track new developments.

An Israeli Israeli firm, Newsight Imaging, has developed a saliva test[2] that returns a result in less than a second and a 95% accuracy at a cost of less than $0.25 per test. It is in clinical trials.

Testing in Canada

The Canadian government has set up the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force

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Non-COVID Damage and Deaths Due to Governments’ Response

Numbers associated with governments’ response to handling the pandemic are appearing. This section lists those numbers available:

A Review of Some Studies

A Spanish study[1] of 35,883 households reported that:

Our findings confirm that at least a third of individuals who have developed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 were asymptomatic.



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