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Early on in the pandemic, voices began to emerge questioning the response of authorities. The number of professional doctors and scientists supporting this opposition is increasing with time. This article gives a representative selection of such charges.

The Politics of COVID-19

In Canada, legislation varies on mask use and higher legislation such as The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms comes into play. Rebel news has assembled a collection of legal opinion on not wearing masks on a province by province basis[2].

Below, we present such groups of doctors with their statements against the way the pandemic is being managed[3]. When the these statements are posted on YouTube, they are quickly censored and taken down.

Here is another such video:

Another group of dissenting doctors and professionals have signed the Great Barrington Declaration. See the following video:

From the World Doctor’s Alliance: the video is on Bitchute and I can’t embed it.

Another group of German doctors gave a press conference which has been described by author Arjun Walia[4]. Unfortunately, YouTube has censored it. This can usually be taken as a verification of its authenticity.

Canadian Dr. Roger Hodkinson speaks out:

Oops … too much truth for the Google censors.

The Reason for Lockdowns

Martin Armstrong has a good article on the real reason for lockdowns: Governments are Creating Horror Scenarios for Lockdowns to Retain Power. In it he has this image:

These people have a better idea for the kind of society and economy that they want to see. However, they had to destroy the old one before they can start building. Lockdowns have just about finished that job. So here comes your bright future in which “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy“.

The Covidian Cult

CJ Hopkins in his essay ‘The Covidian Cult’, refers to the Covid response as a cult practice[5]. He describes it as the implementation of a nascent global totalitarian state to gain control of its subjects. He touches on the creation and use of fear as a dominant weapon. Combined with a chaotic mix of true, false and distorted facts and data that often appear to be contradiction,

these leave the average citizen bewildered, frightened and with no good sources to rely on, dependent on what the state says and does. These are all techniques used by past totalitarian governments to control their people.

A Selection of Videos on the COVID Conspiracy

Here I use the term ‘conspiracy’ in its true sense, “the activity of secretly planning with other people to do something bad or illegal“.

NWO – The New Normal Documentary


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