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Authorities and the media have created and maintained a state of fear in the population using the threat of dying from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This has allowed them to control their citizens in a manner that would never have been possible under the old order. That the fear has induced the population to willingly adopt and accept these measures is the icing on their cake.

The Tactics

These are the measures implemented:

  1. Curtailing the right of assembly, including public protest, by liming group size;
  2. curtailing religious practice by closing the churches;
  3. curtailing education by closing schools;
  4. socially isolating people by quarantine and social distancing rules;
  5. destruction of personal identity by mandatory mask wearing;
  6. using repetitive cleaning of surfaces to discourage personal physical contact; the result may be an induced OCD neurosis;
  7. using content-free slogans (‘flatten the curve’ – has anyone looked at the curve lately?) to direct public thinking;
  8. creating neurosis and psychological damage from fear;
  9. creating a fear of using physical currency setting the stage for the introduction of a digital currency;
  10. creating the environment for voluntary or forced vaccination with mandatory ID registration (ID2020 Alliance);
  11. tracking individuals by requiring them to register their access to services (churches for example) under the guise of contact tracing;
  12. using documents to control movement both internationally and within ones own local environment;
  13. forcibly interning infractors without trial, in secret camps[2];
  14. turning the rats lose: encouraging people to report infractions by others[1];
  15. virtue signalling: “I wear a mask to protect you from me and not me from you”;
  16. using guilt to enforce dictates: “if you don’t do it you’ll kill granny”;
  17. using robocop to enforce dictates[3];
  18. arbitrarily closing small businesses forcing them and their owners into bankruptcy;
  19. destroying jobs and forcing people into the servitude of the state by creating economic destruction through lockdowns;
  20. banning singing and dancing[4];
  21. destroying small local business to favour the large multinational retailers and online merchants like Walmart and Amazon; and
  22. destroying the economy allowing the introduction of a new ‘green’ economy, an implementation of the UN Agenda 21 (the Great Reset; Canada’s throne speech).

Here’s how to view this list. Taking one point at a time, ask yourself, thinking of the pre-COVID world, “would I have accepted this dictate from my government?” If you are thinking that the point is acceptable because of the virus, you are not doing this exercise properly. I want you to evaluate the dictate free of what is really a justification.

The justification is fear of something, in this case a virus with a lethality that may be less than a typical flu virus. We know the latter based on past pandemics. The COVID pandemic is still in progress and the final determination of its lethality can not be made until it is over.

Authorities are past masters of generating fear. They have used fear of terrorism (9/11), fear of an external enemy (Russia but now China), fear of nuclear war (cold war I), fear of internal movements that are branded as subversive (communism in the 1950s), etc. Now they have found the most powerful and useful fear to date, that of dying from a viral pandemic. There are many more of these viruses waiting in the labs to be employed if and when needed.

As well as viewing the list from a justification-free perspective, try not to trivialize a point. For example, you may view the robocop item as a harmless and cute technical toy. It would, however, be a trivial technical exercise to outfit the robot with a taser. If an actor has the authority to employ a robot to warn people, it is only a minor extension of such authority to disable the person also.

The following table is presented as a comparison between COVID-19 regulations and communist brainwashing techniques.

Figure 1. Source: Covert Geopolitics.

A Largely Irrelevant Addendum

For a long time I have marvelled at the ‘but’ construct in the English language. It allows the speaker to apparently agree with or accept a proposition and then present an argument that totally negate it. “I like you but I find your behaviour distasteful, your appearance ugly, and your conversation totally boring.”

I was never able to frame an understanding of the construct in simple terms until I wrote the above section of this article. The construct is this: <statement> ‘but’ <justification for it being false>. Elegant, thank you!


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