Opened on April 24, 2021. Last updated by The POOG on April 24, 2021.

Vaccine passports in one form or another have been in development for years through programs such as Bill Gates’ ID2020. In second quarter 2021, they are being widely discussed and developed globally with calls for a single global passport that would be multipurpose.

This of course is the thin edge of the wedge. Global implementation would have to be of some innocuous system that would have widespread positive inducement for the population to willingly accept it. The same strategy that induced a global population to demand vaccination will be used by the same experts in psyop programming.

From then on it becomes annual updates for “enhanced” benefits, the same way we periodically update software and our computer operating systems. At that a point, a global government has complete control over the global population.

Dr. Michael Yeadon shares some observations on its potential use.