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The Pareto Principle as stated by Investopedia says that “80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes“. This is not a law like the law of gravity but a generalized observation of how the real world manifests in all its aspects. A more tractable principle is the scale-invariant power law of complex systems.

In more understandable terms, it explains why you and I (when I was a runner) could never run a sub-2:12 hour marathon. We don’t have the same physiology as those top athletes.

The principle is a recognition that asymmetry exists in all human activities. It is an emergent phenomenon, meaning that it’s characteristic is not apparent at the level of the system that generates it (complex systems theory). In our context, it is an observation that oligarchs and other key players have been and always will be with us – the asymmetry in the reward for labour.

The Marxist/Globalist Agenda

The desire to eliminate this asymmetry explains the siren call of Marxist ideology. At the same time it points to the reasons why this ideology always fails.

One reason is that in implementing a Marxist solution we introduce an inequality at the outset. We create a ruling class to implement it and no ruler ever divides the pie equally with his subjects. They always have a dacha on the Black Sea.

The other reason for its failure is that the centrally planned command and control system used to implement it is a linear deterministic solution to a complex adaptive system problem. It’s like trying to put a glove on an octopus.

The globalist ideology on the surface, is similar to the Marxist ideology. Both have the same window dressing of equality and prosperity for all.

Globalism, however, in its implementation, is supported and driven by transnational corporate interests and the ambitions of an elite that seek to control everyone and all resources through an unelected global government. This article is about those elites.

Legal Money Laundering

You wake up one morning and find out when you read the Wall Street Journal that you are now worth a hundred billion dollars. Other people worked hard so that you have this money and you don’t want to fritter it away on pesky taxes. There is a lovely legal solution to keeping it all and more.

It’s called a foundation. After you have your five mansions around the world, a super yacht, a fleet of private jets and a couple of Picasso’s that you never look at, you set aside a few billion for pocket change and roll the rest, tax free, into a ‘charitable’ foundation. I suspect that if you do it right, you generate enough tax credits that you will never pay personal income tax again.

You do however, have to structure the foundation and its board so that you have control of its activities. You have the best legal advice on retainer to do such things. You then have all your former money to play with and no tax obligations. The icing on the cake is that you can now attract other people’s money into your foundation so that you have even more at your fingertips[1][2]. Naive governments will give you money too like the Government of Canada[3].

This is what Bill Gates and George Soros have done as well as many other oligarchs and their families. It would be an interesting project to build a computer system to identify and monitor these individuals and families and their capital flows.

Who Are The Elites?

Power and wealth are interchangeable. Wealth allows one to buy politicians and own a government. Power enables one to structure national affairs so that one benefits financially. This is always true, whether we are speaking of a democracy, a dictatorship or a monarchy.

To understand political or power structures, one need only see where the wealth is and study how it is being used to implement agendas of the wealthy.

Apart from stated agendas, look to see where the elites are spending their money. The individuals and organizations that they support, usually through foundations set up to do so, further their purposes.


Most are very private citizens, more private than you or I because they don’t blow their privacy on social media. They also have the money to buy enhanced privacy. As a result it takes sleuth-work to ferret them out.

One way to find them is by monitoring their gatherings. The more famous – or notorious – such groups and meetings are referenced below.

The Bilderberg Meetings

These are annual meetings set up by a steering committee which has an official website. The site gives the group’s history as:

Randall Finklelstein suggests another side to the group[4]:

According to some, the Bilderberg Group is the leadership committee for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), IMF, World Bank, Trilateral Commission, EU, and powerful central bankers from the Federal Reserve, the ECB’s Jean-Claude Trichet, and Bank of England’s Mervyn King. To name a few.

In short, Bilderbergers want to supplant individual nation-state sovereignty with an all-powerful global government, corporate-controlled, and check-mated by militarized enforcement


Whiles properly defined as conspiracy theory, it is not to be dismissed according to modern intent of the term. Instead it is to be considered with the objective of turning it into conspiracy fact.

Attendees to the conferences are termed guests and a list of guests is given by Wikipedia[5]. The topics discussed at past meetings are contained in a list on the group’s official website.

It is interested to note that among the co-chairs of the committee, there is one Canadian, Mark Carney who is also a trustee of the WEF.

The Davos Meetings

The Davos meetings are sponsored by the World Economic Forum and are held in Davos Switzerland every January. They are a much larger and more open forum than the Bilderberg meetings. The 2020 meeting (if it is held due to COVID-19) will have almost 3000 participants. With this number, trying to record them is an exercise for computer AI systems.

The real players will be hard to distinguish from the puff pieces like Greta Thunberg. The WEF[7] lists some key attendees as does CNBC[6]. The CNBC article reveals some remarkable personal and/or corporate bias. In her list, she highlights 6 female personages among the first 10 including the first 4 with Greta Thunberg fourth. George Soros is in 9th place and Donald Trump garners the tenth. But this is CNBC.

Concluding Remarks

The Bilderberg and Davos meetings do not supply much useful intelligence. The Bilderberg meetings follow the Chatham House rule that mandate anonymity of name and source for information release. Davos is more open, and it has an ambitious agenda that has a very public face.

In the end these forums tell us nothing about oligarchs and key players. Material that the key players do not want released is discussed in private meetings outside the stated agenda.


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