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In most cases, it is easier to assemble a jigsaw puzzle when one knows that one has all the pieces and the finished picture on the box to refer to. In this case, however, the process is being worked backwards. The box is blank and we are not certain if we have all the pieces or even if what we have are pieces of this puzzle. The objective then is to build the puzzle from disparate pieces to create a complete and self-consistent assembly. This will be the picture for the box.

A simple question lays at heart of the puzzle: “who runs the world?” Let us say that ‘they‘ run the world. We need to discover ‘they’.

Collectivism: Totalitarianism/Communism

A global totalitarian/communist global state is the end point of the COVId plandemic and the associated Great Reset[3]. Tom Hayen argues that the modern push for a global totalitarian state has been initially, quiet and secretive, hence “occult”[4].

In an update, I’m providing the following documentary from The HighWire (1:41:20). It really puts it all together. If you want to know what is really going on watch it.

The video identifies all the various ‘ism’s as forms of collectivism. It elevates the ‘greater good’ to the top of the agenda. This discussion begins about the 1:21:15 mark.

The Process

Power and money are in a sense fungible. Power allows for the accumulation of wealth (money) and money buys power. All human organization includes a power structure within it.

As a result, we can identify ‘those‘ who are part of the answer to the question. In short, it is who has power and/or who has money. I expect that there are a number of contestants either in the form of individuals or organizations, for inclusion in the role of ‘they’.

They can meet and plan and conspire ‘behind the curtain’, invisible to general scrutiny. But when their plans are implemented, actions and money flows become visible. If they wish to have a public face, it will be through foundations and think tanks and organizations with a benign mission.

The alert and critically thinking observer can usually see through the subterfuge and obfuscation to tease out the real motives and interests. My work on this site is strongly centred on the goal of filling in the picture on the box.

The Picture

Periodically, I will sharpen the fuzzy image that is forming for me at the time that I write this initial article in October 2020. I see a number of entities positioning themselves to benefit from the NWO of a totalitarian global government.

It will be interesting to see how well that I can sharpen this image and define the shapes of the puzzle pieces showing how they integrate into a whole.

The Picture Emerges

A fuzzy picture is forming for me. The main players are the tech moguls, the wealthy elites and old families, major organizations like the UN, the WEF, the Catholic Church, and the Chinese Communist Party. They are all driving towards a common goal of a global communist state. These players will be on top, the masses will be on the bottom, and a small professional class will be in the middle to keep the machine running. To achieve this, the traditional middle class has to be destroyed, a process that the plandemic is accelerating.

The Pyramid of Control

The Deep Game

Edward Curtin[1] describes the two sides in American politics as being both under the same control of a deeper cabal. These two sides are being played against each other as a distraction and psychological co-option of the public to prevent them from seeing and understanding what is really being done to them – serfdom under an all-controlling world government. As Curtin says:

I realize that it is very hard for many to entertain the thought that Trump and Biden are not arch-enemies but are players in a spectacle created to confound at the deepest psychological levels.

Edward Curtin[1]

Trump’s followers hoped that if he did not win, he’d at least go out with a big bang. He certainly seemed to hold a royal flush. Instead he folded and quietly slipped off into the dark night. We were all played.

The game of division – offering two opposing choices to be fought over, while those offering the choice lose nothing by one versus the other since they control both. The public is caught up in the emotion and noise of the deception they are under. As Egon von Greyerz explains it:

What a beautiful system! Politicians have access to all the money they need to please the people whilst the bankers both issue and control the money. A real win-win for the bankers with unlimited financial benefits and power by total control of the politicians and the financial system in one fell swoop. …

The bankers constantly make the politicians insecure by letting the opposing party win regularly. The bankers know that fear and insecurity combined with financial power give them perfect control of the politicians.

Greyerz – Final And Total Catastrophe Lies Ahead for The Global Currency And Financial System

In the following video, G. Edward Griffin outlines the structure of the big picture. He gets his material from Quiggly’s book, ‘Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time’[2].

NWO – The Quigley Formula – G. Edward Griffin lecture


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