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WordPress as a platform offers both static pages like this one and blog-style pages that offer a more flexible and immediate format but suffer from a difficult problem of creating threads via a single page that can act as a table of contents. This page is the inaugural page for the theme of WWIII.

The traditional concept of war is that of attacking armies which I will call a kinetic phase. Modern warfare embraces several other distinct phases of warfare as listed below.

Table of Contents of This Topic

Economic Warfare

Economic warfare has been conducted against Russia for years, primarily in the form of sanctions. These have escalated dramatically since the Russian Special Operation in the Ukraine.

  • WWIII: Economic War – Trade, Ep 1.

Cyber Warfare

Kinetic Warfare

Although kinetic warfare exists only in the Ukraine mid 2022, other areas are being moved onto the chess board with the admission of Sweden and Finland into NATO, and at the time of this writing, an embargo by Lithuania.


This area has commanded most of my and the world’s attention in 2022. I have published much in earlier blogs which can be found using the site’s search function.

  • WWIII: Kinetic War – Ukraine, Ep 1.

The Balkans


Psychological Warfare (Psyops)

Psychological warfare has components directed at two audiences, the home population and the enemy population. The former audience forms the larger focus, partly because the government has more tools and control at its disposal.

Constructing an Enemy

Preparing the Citizenry for War