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This category covers the broad range of topics that describe how various interests use psychological operations (psyops) to influence and control a population.

Originally it was a military term identifying a category of warfare practices. As the field of psychology has advanced, their use has become much more refined and widespread.

It occurs at the level of product advertising to influence buying decisions. It has been used in the past to manage the direction of governance of populations. Nazi Germany used it extensively and effectively, as have most, if not all, communist counties.

Today, it’s more pernicious use is witnessed in the actions of Western governments and political parties to direct and control the thinking of their constituents. However, the greatest threat comes from globalists and global organizations such as the World Economic Forum, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

An Aspect of Warfare

PsyOps have been an integral part of warfare going back into the early twentieth century and perhaps further. Countries use them to mobilize their people, to demonize the enemy, and manage the direction of conflict.

Countries may use psyops when the warfare is effectively against their own people. This is the case of the creation of the New World Order and global state.

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