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A ‘false flag’ (FF) event is a psyop used by an agent1 (e.g. a country) to create a justification in its constituency (population) for some desired outcome (e.g. an act of war) against an agent2 (some other country) that the constituency is unlikely to support. The event is conducted by agent1 so that it appears that it was conducted by agent2. The desired outcome is the action then taken against agent2. A formalistic reduction could be {agent1,constituency, FF event, agent2,desired outcome}. Two properties of a FF event are intention to execute the event and deception of the constituency.

A simple example is the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident[1] used by the US (agent1) which wished to attack (desired outcome) North Vietnam (agent2). The constituency was the American people that did not have an appetite for war. The event was a false claim that US forces had been directly attacked (FF event) by forces of agent2. This offended the American people sufficiently to support the start of the Vietnam war.

FF events have been used several times in recent years in American politics (agent1) in the Ukraine and the Middle East. Colin Powell with his little vial shown to the UN (global constituency) that was alleged proof of Saddam Hussein’s (agent2) weapons of mass destruction was one. The desired action was war with Iraq.

Chemical weapon attacks allegedly made by Bashar al Assad (agent2) in Syria on his own people are another. They have been used by the US and allies (agent1) to justify to the world and the American people (constituency), attacks on Syrian targets to degrade Syrian military power (desired action). The latter I covered extensively over a period of months in my old blog.

All these claims have eventually been discredited. It doesn’t matter. The media have moved on to other issues that capture eyeballs and subscriber dollars, and the FF events become historical footnotes, no matter that enormous damage and loss of life was the result.

James Corbett gives an overview of what a false flag operation is and some recent examples:

Here’s another Corbett video on false flags ( 1:33:15 minutes).

Is COVID-19 a False Flag Event?

My wife postulated that the COVID-19 pandemic was a false flag event. My initial reaction was that it wasn’t but the determination of that would be whether or not it fit the FF formalism. I’ve made two attempts to classify it as a FF event, neither of which was successful. Something much more interesting, however, came out of the exercise.


Pandemic exercises have been held previously such as Clade X in May 2018, Crimson Contagion in Jan, April and May 2019 and Event 201 October 18, 2019. The latter was proposed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum (WEF), and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). As well, such events have been discussed in other documents such as “Dark Winter[4], June 22-23, 2001, the “Lockstep Scenario” presented in the May 2010 report produced by the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network titled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development[2], pp. 18-25. Also in The SPARS Pandemic, 2025-2028[3] from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

The above begs the question as to why, with so much prior study and preparatory simulation, the US was apparently so ill prepared for COVID-19. This invites the question, were any potential protagonists well prepared?

The Argument Against a FF Event

In the case of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the first question is the origin of the pandemic. In other terms, who is patient zero? Knowing this, we would likely be able to ascertain if the virus’ origin was zoonotic (from some animal species) or the release, accidental or otherwise, of a genetically engineered virus. While there are many candidates for agent1, there is no agent2. There were some early attempts to blame China, but these have not gained traction.

Further, if the spread of the virus is the event, there is no identifiable desirable outcome for which a case can be made. SARS-CoV-2 is not lethal and virulent enough to be a practical bioweapon making any suggestion of a biowarfare attack not credible.

Without an agent2 and a desirable outcome, the FF formalism does not fit. But there’s a more interesting way of viewing the pandemic.

A New Class of Events: the Reflexive Attack (RA) Event

Suppose that the event of significance is not COVID-19 itself but the response to COVID-19. The hypothetical case is that of an agent1 that is prepared to act when a natural event strikes its constituency such as a pandemic. Agent1 implements an event that we will call an RA event, on its constituency. The departure from the FF paradigm is that there is no agent2. The constituency takes its place so that the desired outcome is inflicted on its own constituency in a reflexive manner. The formalistic reduction could be {agent1, constituency, RA event, desired outcome}.

In the ‘Background’ section above, we noted that there are many organizations that should have been prepared for COVID-19. One thing we didn’t mention is that global pandemics occur with a roughly regular frequency and one was due. Further, that the UN, the WEF, and Bill Gates and his BMGF stand to benefit highly from such an event is a well discussed and documented argument. Even Justin Trudeau of Canada has shown that he intends to capitalize on it (video on this site). All qualify for agent1 status.

Gates, a known eugenicist, and his foundation want to vaccinate the world, implementing a digital ID system in the process to control it. He is regularly in the news promoting this while not declaring financial interests in a number of companies working on vaccines.

The UN, the WEF and Trudeau have the motto “build Back Better”. They want to build a new green economy and social contract that requires the destruction of the old. So here we have the desired outcome: the destruction of the global economy and Middle Class in order to usher in what has been called “Communism 3.0 ” by Martin Armstrong.

So we are the constituency and the RA event is the irrational and erratic system of lock-downs and other restrictive measures that have never been implemented before for any disease in recent memory, if ever. To see a discussion of this RA event with agent1 identified watch:

Video has been scrubbed.

The 9/11 Attack of September 11, 2001

The idea that 9/11 was an RA event is extensively discussed elsewhere and I won’t discuss it here at this time. Using the formalism above, agent1 is the intelligence community, notably the CIA, and the broader US government. The constituency is the American people. The RA event is the terrorist attack. The desired outcome is the Patriot Act[5] extending the state’s power over its people enormously. It was was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001.

James Corbett has a two-part video documentary of this event and the Al Qaeda organization involved in it. Here they are.

The “Siege” of the US Capitol, January 06, 2021

Using the formalism above, agent1 is the Democratic Party and many of the same players as in 9/11. The constituency is firstly, President Donald Trump and his supporters and secondly, the American people. The RA event is the demonstration outside of, and the break-in into the Capitol building. The desired outcome is the discrediting of Trump and his supporters directly leading to the ‘Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act (DTPA)’.

I may present a more detailed argument for the proposition. I may use the work of others also like Edward Curtin who outlined the parameters of preparation[5].


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