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Many parties have recognized that governments and health officials, supported by the mainstream media, have perpetrated and perpetuated a climate of fear around the COVID-19 pandemic. To prove this statement, one cannot use scientific studies – there are non that I am aware of, although someday some graduate student may do his thesis on the topic.

Science does not address the proposition of intent or motivation in human activity other than in psychology were such becomes a topic of investigation. Instead one must turn to individuals who have either sufficient professional standing or insider knowledge to lend credibility to their statements. So this article will consist of a collection of such statements plus any articles written on the topic by authors that present credible arguments.

The first example comes from a report of what an economist with the Victoria government in Australia has said. In particular, note the reference at the 1:25 mark to “the scare created by politicians and health professionals”.

Sorry. YouTube censors removed the video.

We do have Gordon Rayner of the Telegraph talking about the deliberate use of fear by officials in Use of fear to control behaviour in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists.

Kevin Ryan gives background information on the development of the virus, the individuals involved and the organizations like the WHO[1]. In the following video (37:29 minutes), he compares the 9/11 event to the CORONA-19 event by showing how individuals, corporations and governments have benefited from it at the expense of the common citizen. The use of fear and a complicit media are key components of the story.

PsyOp Warfare

Authorities aided by a complicit media are using a campaign of fear to weaponize COVID-19. The chaos and destruction that this psyop has created are being used by entities such as the UN, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and organizations such as the Gates Foundation to advance their agendas of a New World Order. The WEF and governments such as the Canadian government are using the economic destruction caused by lock-downs to reset their global and national economy in a new direction. This is at the cost of national sovereignty and personal freedoms.

COVID-19 has been used to target the economy through the individual as described in Playbook: The COVID Pandemic.


  1. Kevin Ryan. Is the Coronavirus Scare a Psychological Operation? OffGuardian, Jun 6, 2020.