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Propaganda is the most visible form of psychological operation. It is used by governments to convey their official narrative to their population with the goal of having the narrative internalized by the individual. They may also use propaganda to control the actions of the populace against specific targets, either directly in a person-to-person manner, or indirectly to support state action against state.

If propaganda is the projection of an official narrative, censorship is a critical component of maintaining narrative control.


Described as a “seminal” work is the book ‘Propaganda’ by Edward L. Bernays known as “the father of public relations”. A more current dissection of examples of propaganda is the series by James Corbett titled Propaganda Watch. The series are not catalogued in any particular order but can be found here.

Discussions on the topic by others such as Edward Curtin[4] and Caitlin Johnstone[5] are easily found. Robert Malone discusses the use of neurolinguistic programing (NLP) in mind control[7].


Censorship is the suppression of dissenting opinion, alternative views, and information inimical to the intended narrative. I wrote a separate blog post, WALK AWAY!, on censorship. It is easier to get information out fast thought the blog function, but then it doesn’t get integrated into the rest of the site.

Building the Propaganda Narrative

Propaganda is a narrative that in relationship to factual observations, may

  • selectively omit events or facts relevant to the context of the narrative[1]:
  • introduce events or facts that are false; or
  • distort events or facts by partial omission, falsification, rearrangement, and other techniques to create an altered factual component of the narrative.

Censorship is implicit in the deliberate construction of false narratives – propaganda.

Gaslighting the Public: Path to Totalitarianism

C.J. Hopkins explains how the technique of gaslighting, manufacturing a false premise for the public, has been used successfully in the COVID crisis[6]. It is successful when the agent using it has some essential control over the victim.

The Role of Media in Mind Control and Propaganda

James Corbett has created a 3-part series he calls the media matrix. It covers the evolution of modern media technology and its use by those bent on control of the mind of the population for their own purposes and power. In part 1 below, he discusses the importance of the Gutenburg invention of the movable type press and mass production of printed material:

In part 2, he covers the invention of communications technology using electricity, beginning with the invention of the telegraph:

Finally, in part 3 he covers the present day media centered on the internet and leading to the ‘metaverse’:

Censorship in Canada

The liberal Government in Canada is moving to censor dissenting views by a parliamentary initiative under the Hermitage Minister Steven Guibeault. They have been colluding with social media, notably Facebook, to carry this out from the private sector. Guibeault is quoted as saying “Legislation to censor internet content will be introduced shortly[2]. The intent is to prevent “hurtful words against politicians[3]“.


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