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The psychological techniques of controlling people have been studied and developed over the last century. This is


Perhaps the most powerful arrow in the psyop quiver is fear. It has been used throughout history by dictators and despots to motivate their populations to carry out their intentions. But the art of using fear has been perfected in the twentieth century as academia, notably through psychology, has perfected it.

Demonizing another country such as Russia has been a tool used to enrich the defence industry and the financial class behind it as countries scramble to prepare a defence against new-found enemies. The environment has been one of the latest applications of fear through projected impending global destruction. The COVID-19 plandemic turned out to be a wildly successful application of fear in gaining control of the global population.

Look for more fear projects and their use to drive the global agenda of a UN-centred communist state. This next video sums it up:

WEF – Fear and Cyber Attack

The “Shock Doctrine”

I had written Naomi Klein off years ago, on reading her ‘Leap Manifesto’, as a left-wing nutcase. On reading some biographical material[4], I found a number of interesting facts: that her family history was communistic, that she concurred with pope Frances, studied on this site, and that she was essentially a person calling for an economic and environmental reset. If you can use this to filter out the bias and misinformation, her documentary below is useful as a study of the use of “shock” events to control people.



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