Last updated by The POOG on March 13, 2021.

The repression of dissent by the MSSM (mainstream social media) is forcing many of my sources onto alternate platforms. The problem is that that while all of these sources were on one platform, they were easy to access. Now they are scattered across several platforms. Some simply exist only on a private website over which they have complete control. There are a variety of video and sound players that can be embedded on a website that do not allow sharing by copying or embedding. This makes it more difficult for content creators like myself that can no longer embed a video by someone such as Greg Hunter. The next best option is to place his site on this quick-connect list.

It then occurred to me that there are many good writers out there that I will read as they publish new work. Zero Hedge as an aggregator collects some of them. Others may have a subscription service which is handy. I’ve decided to collect ones that i consider valuable on this list also.

The sources that I follow regularly I’m placing in a ‘quick connect’ list – a one stop shopping tool. Here they are:


Essayists and Publishers

Video Authors