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Pondering Hitler’s Legacy

By George Friedman

Happenstance has brought me today to a house on the Austria-Germany border, just south of Salzburg. That puts me about 3 miles from the German town of Berchtesgaden, on the German side of the border. Adolf Hitler’s home, the Berghof, was just outside the town, on a mountain in the Bavarian Alps. To the extent that Hitler had a home, this was it, and it was the place where Hitler met with many notables, particularly before the war began.

Sam Collins – September, 2015

  • Short-term:
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  • Midterm:
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  • Long-term: the long-term trend is still up.


Trading Rules

Here are a set of trading rules we have collcted from several sources but which we have considered carefully in making the choices.

  • From Rude Awakening (for long term investors):
    1. Buy the dips.
      1. To buy a dip, don’t go chasing after a stock (a falling knife) with a chart that looks like a train wreck.
      2. Find a stock worth buying. Consider its fundamentals. It’s long-term chart  going back at least two years should show a clear trend.
      3. Wait for the bounce. You need to get an idea of where your stock should bounce. Use trend lines or MAs. Wait for a green candle.
    2. Ignore the
      1. Financial media -late to the game and basically ignorant parrots.
      2. Analysts.
      3. Fund managers.
    3. Adopt the Trader’s Mindset.
      1. Price is king, your judge, jury, and executioner. Put aside beliefs. Recognize when you are wrong and cut your losses.
      2. Don’t chase overheated stocks – stocks that move well beyond their breakout zone. Be selective. Be patient. And most of all, be disciplined.
      3. Never buy a stock without first defining your trading goals. Place your potential trades into two categories: quick trades and core holdings (these are your short-term and long-term trades, respectfully). Don’t ever let a short-term trade turn into a long-term disaster. If it doesn’t work out, cut it loose. 
    4. Embrace the Chaos of the Markets. Use technical analysis.
      1. Avoid buying stocks at or near 52-week lows. Stocks move in trends – don’t trade against the trend.
      2. Buy support. Use moving averages or draw trend lines to determine where you should be a buyer.
      3. Sell into strength. Use resistance lines to pick the exit point.
    5. Don’t Bottom-pick Stocks unless a bottom is in. Double and rounded bottoms are good technical signals. A trend reversal must be clear.
    6. Sell the rips: as a rule, the biggest rallies in stock market history have come during bear markets.

The Town of Aylmer Ontario

The town of Aylmer, located in Southwestern Ontario, a little east of St. Thomas. It is the 184th largest city/town in Ontario, by the 2011 census data.

The Town of Tillsonburg Ontario

The town of Tillsonburg, located in Southwestern Ontario, is the 87th largest city/town in Ontario, by the 2011 census data.

The Town of Ingersoll Ontario

The Town of Ingersoll , located in Southwestern Ontario, is the 91st largest city/town in Ontario, from 2011 census data.

The Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc Ontario

The municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc, located in Southwestern Ontario, is the 75th largest city in Ontario from 2011 census data. It is located 40 kilometres west of London, Ontario. The Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc was formed in 2001 from an amalgamation of the Town of Strathroy and the Township of Caradoc.

The Town of Leamington Ontario

The agglomeration of the towns of Leamington and Kingsville (population 21,362), located in Southwestern Ontario, is the 59th largest city/town in Ontario by the 2011 census data. Some of the data below is for the agglomeration and some is for Leamington itself.

The City of St. Thomas Ontario

The city of St. Thomas, located in Southwestern Ontario, is the 48th largest city in Ontario, by the 2011 census data.

Lake Huron and Elgin Water Supply Systems

The Lake Huron and Elgin Water Supply Systems are separate systems that are conjoined to service a number of municipalities in Southwestern Ontario. The system operator is the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)(reference).

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