Kazakhstan Background

A useful resource from an unlikely source that you should be aware of is the CIA World Factbook. After all, it stands to reason that the agency responsible for more coups globally would have to know a bit about the country that they are destabilizing. And they never know which country will be next on their hit-list (read: Manufacturing Consent for War: 70 Years of CIA Coups, Assassinations, False Flag Operations and Mass Murder).

Kazakhstan has major reserves of natural resources. It ranks 12th globally in oil production and 30th for natural gas. It has major reserves of uranium and potash, commodities in high demand globally. Russia and Kazakhstan share the longest continuous international border in the world.

Historically, the ‘Silk Road’ between China and the West passed through Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan is an important link in China’s contemporary Silk Road project (read: China’s $900 billion New Silk Road. What you need to know; also Silk Roads Programme).

Kazakhstan in the Present

From the above you can see that Kazakhstan is strategic to Chinese economic and particularly Russian security interests. And of course CIA’s interest for destabilization. The recent instability in the country has forced Russia to send in forces at the government’s request while China restricted its intervention to verbal support and offers of aid.

Relevant reading includes:

Like the Ukraine, Kazakhstan is strategically critical to Russia’s security. As such, it cannot be allowed to transform into a state that is hostile to Russia and friendly to the West to the extent of allowing NATO, US, or any other forces inimical to Russia to become established on its territory.

How the National Debt Will Be Paid Back

When you look at countries around the world, particularly the US and Canada, you should be wondering how they are going to repay the money that they are borrowing to finance their out-of-control spending. The common refrain is that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for it. Indeed they will, but not as you might think.

Martin Armstrong has given the most succinct answer to this question that I have seen in “Biden’ Spending Spree – The Real Agenda“. What is happening is that Western governments are aligned with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. The goal of the Great Reset is to destroy the existing economies in order to “build back better”.

Under this initiative, it is necessary to destroy existing fiat currencies so that a great reset will be necessary. The intention is to move to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). All central banks are developing them and if you go to your central bank’s website you can probably find white papers on the topic.

With a digital currency the government can monitor and control all spending. A necessary part of this is a digital ID that every person will need to do any kind of financial transaction such as buying groceries. The vaccine passport is the on-ramp of the road to this digital ID. If now it links only to your medical information, in the future it will link to your bank account and a digital wallet where your wealth is kept. The government will have control of that wallet and access to its contents.

The New World Order is Communism 2.0. It will be the ultimate command and control economy which will guarantee its ultimate failure. Under it, all debt will be defaulted but the cost will be personal freedom and the relinquishment of all assets to the state.

The Great Reset in its many aspects has been in the planning stage for decades and is now well into the implementation stage. So your grandkids will not have to worry about our unpayable national debt. The price will be their personal freedom.


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