The Recognition of Evil in the World

When I originally started writing it was to search out truth and correct the error being promulgated by the climate alarmists. Over time I expanded my inquiry to figure out the actors driving the move to a new world order. As I discovered more, I began to realize that everything that was going on was scripted by unseen actors and that their control was so extensive and close to being fully implemented that I gave up. I realized I had barely scratched the surface of a plan that had been growing for hundreds of years and was near ly complete. There was nothing that I could do to stop or even slow it.

At this point, being a Christian, I turned the problem over to God in prayer. He is our only hope. I realized, as had many at that point, that this was a spiritual battle in which we are at most, actors, aware of our status or not. Since then, I have had the strong sense that the action of evil in the world has been accelerating.

The extent of evil in the world has been recognized by others. In this past week alone, this premise was echoed by three independent sources. Here is Glenn Beck speaking of it (7:39 minutes):

As Glenn says [1:44], “We are facing … just incredible darkness”. He goes on to say [6:52] “We are not fighting against flesh and bone, we are fighting Evil. … This is a spiritual battle.”

In the next video (49:39 minutes), Greg Hunter interviews Alex Newman about a number of current issues and the inherent evil in what the authorities are promoting. As Alex says [44:36], “the irony and the evilness [the creation of a new 10 commandments at COP 27] is just off the charts.”

Another person who understands the battle is Steve Quayle who recently gave this next interview to Mike Adams (1:42:16 minutes). In this interview Steve explains the major initiatives which he terms a “grid” designed to control and kill the vast part of the human population.

Steve says [21:27] “I believe Lucifer, the fallen angel, is orchestrating everybody, every leader, every military leader …”. The extent of the pervasiveness of evil in the world he goes on to explore in depth. He presents his arguments in part in terms of The Book of Revelation which I will explore in detail in a later article in this series.

Hopefully, if you have not already recognized it, the major trends in our society are all examples of the incursion of the forces of evil. What this means will be placed in a context that will be developed starting with our examination of the Book of Genesis in the next article in this series.

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