Pope Benedict XVI died December 31, 2022 on feast of Pope Saint Sylvester. As a result there is emerging intrigue that I will cover in this article. I believe that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) is a major battle ground in the war of Good versus Evil. We know the outcome of the game, we just don’t know the inning we are watching.

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Matthew 16:18, KJV

As I have said before, Dr. Taylor Marshall is my primary source of information on what is happening in the RCC today. I’ll start with his explanation of The relationship between Pope Sylvester, the Roman emperor Constantine, and the integration of church and state into Christendom. Does Benedict’s death mark the official break between the true church and the global state? A man (Bergoglio), and indeed the church, cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24) and the following video (10:01 minutes) may bring this to a head.

In it, Marshall describes that union of church and state in the 4th century. Benedict’s relationship to the early pope and particularly the timing of his death may portend the start of a precipitous time.

Significance of Benedict death on Feast of Pope Saint Sylvester

Pope Benedict resigned the papacy in 2013 leaving a cloud of confusion. Marshall discusses this resignation in the following video (16:51 minutes). He touches on the scandalous and corrupt activities uncovered by the pope’s investigation.


Adding to the intrigue is Marshall’s speculation that a group known as the St. Gallen Mafia (see also The St. Gallen Mafia), possibly along with others, may use Pope Benedict (formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) as a scapegoat for the Vatican corruption (6:40 minutes)

Will Benedict XVI be made “Scapegoat” by the Deep Church?

Most recently (January 6, 2023), Marshall reports on a document published in Italy that alleges that the NSA of the USA was involved in forcing Benedict’s resignation (also I recommend the read REVEALED: Retired Italian General Says a US Official Bragged that Pope Benedict Would be Forced to Resign Weeks After His Installment). The author, Piero Laporta, also described a ‘Roman Circle’ of deep church/state actors that are involved in Vatican affairs (5:18 minutes):

Did American Spies force Pope Benedict to resign?

Finally, the YouTube algorithms just served me up the following presentation of the state of the RCC today (41:34 minutes). It contains humour alongside a most serious indictment of the modernist change in the church.

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