I have accumulated more than three dozen articles and papers on lockdowns: The Catch-All Page. The efficacy of lockdowns is questionable in my mind and there is almost no research on them. There is a good overview of their effects at https://odysee.com/@Dryburgh:7/knut-wittkowski-lockdowns-are-creating-a-new-virus:7. Dr Knut Wittkowski discusses them and offers some intriguing insights.

Beginning at the 5:08 mark, he says that a typical virus without intervention will run its course in about 6 weeks when herd immunity is achieved. The immune response to an infection is to create 5 or 6 antibodies which will kill the virus and likely any of the variants produced by mutation during the 6 weeks.

The problem with lockdowns is that they do suppress the rate of infection while not preventing infection, thus flattening the curve by spreading the infections out over more time. This allows the virus to mutate sufficiency to move away from initial immunity developed by early contractors of the virus. This creates a second wave with the new variant.

Beginning around 22:00 minutes, he advocates standard NPI measures for the elderly, the most vulnerable and their attendants.This slows the virus spread slightly, but he says no one else should employ these NPIs. By doing so, the virus spread is delayed so that a mutation causes a new wave to develop, repeating the problems of the first wave and leading to the death of more people than if the lockdowns where not used.


Lets develop a fantasy. I’m a rich and powerful person looking for an even more effective means of expanding my wealth and power. I have financial interests directly or through my foundation, in many biotechnology and drug companies, particularly ones developing vaccines.

I know that a new technology has been under development for years that can insert any strand of messenger RNA into human cells to control what proteins the cells produce. With this technology, I can develop a new vaccine candidate in a week after I know the viral genome and have a replicable sample of it. I then can have it in widespread production and distribution in 6 months – if I don’t have to go through that pesky phases of testing and trials.

So I have a vaccine but now I need a virus. I have friends who are aware of the current state bioweapon gain-of-function research and the viruses available off the shelf. What I need is a virus that is fairly infectious – more so than the influenza virus – but not particularly lethal. It has to be lethal enough to kill a few people so that I can build fear in the population using the media that I and my friends control, making it easy to manipulate people using fear to demand any vaccine that I create. It can’t be so lethal as to kill too many potential customers.

There is, however, a timing problem. I can’t advertise my vaccine before an epidemic starts – it wouldn’t look good. I need a month or so of disease spread and ramp-up before I announce that I have a new miracle vaccine available. The fearful population will demand that the government accelerate the approval process. And I control the political process enough to ensure most people will have to be vaccinated whether they want to or not.

I know that within a few months, the virus will have mutated enough that my vaccine will be largely ineffective. If leave it to itself, the virus will have burnt out before a useful mutation has developed. I need to drag out the infectious phase until a new mutation arises. A lockdown is the perfect solution. When the lockdown is lifted, the new variant takes off in a new wave.

Of course I now can bring a vaccine against the new variant to market quickly since the basic process has already been vetted with the first vaccine. I can run this cycle over and over again for years – perhaps decades. My friend in the weapons lab will have a new variant for me if one doesn’t arrive naturally on cue.

As I said, just a fantasy.

The End of Life As We know It

To paraphrase George Carlin, it’s coming: folks – get your shit together.

I have been following the YouTube channel Suspicious0bservers for a few years. The channel is run by Ben Davidson and his wife. Ben is an incredible person. He follows the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, solar physics, geophysics and climate from the aspect of the published research. He released a book 6 months ago titled The Next End of the World. In his daily video today, he reviews the papers on studies in fields that support his primary thesis: that every 12,000 years or so the sun experiences a micro-nova that wipes out a good part of life on earth. You’ll find the video dense. One has to be a follower over time where the bits and pieces have been presented more slowly.

The next event he places at 20-30 years away (the 8:25 mark in the video). Most of you will blow this off. I take it seriously. I likely won’t be around for it but my children and grandson will. But we will see major events well before then. Already we see an uptick in earthquakes and volcanism due to the electrical interaction with the sun, and record cosmic ray activity resulting from the rapidly changing earth’s magnetic field.

Incidentally, Davidson has reviewed numerous papers that discuss the correlation with increased cosmic ray activity to human health including heart-related episodes like afib and heart attacks, and psychological effects including depression. He shows how the Kp index provides warning of these effects as well as earthquake forecasting.

If you watch his channel, you’ll see the papers that show serious climate research is ongoing and CO2 is nowhere to be seen in the research. When you’re finished, if you think it’s all still about “climate change”, I can’t help you. Best to take the blue pill and go back to sleep.


I started a blog in 2011 called The POOG, an acronym for "pissed off old guy". This is the current incarnation.


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