I have been considering inviting others to contribute material to this site. People do send me useful information but usually not in a direct printable form. Here is an inaugural post from a subscriber and friend whom I shall call George.

This is a clearly partisan post although the points made are taken from the public domain news media over time. But then we are literally in a battle for our lives, a political battle so this is fundamentally a political site dedicated to correcting error an uncovering hidden agendas of the ruling elites. George’s article begins:


Here are a few things to consider before voting Liberal in our election this year:

  1. Power hungriness
    1. Free speech crack down
    2. Calling premature and needless election to gain a majority
  2. Trudeau’s 4 ethics convictions
    1. Trip to Aga Khan’s island (And violations of the Conflict-of-Interest Act)
    2. The WE scandal
    3. trying to influence the outcome of SNC Lavalin court case
  3. Unethical behaviour
    1. Took back Covax contribution
    2. Did not get our people out of Afghanistan in time; and we knew well ahead.
    3. Has left the 2 Michaels languishing for 1000 days in horrendous Chinese prison while  Lives in her mansion.
    4. Trudeau will not defend minority rights and the constitution (vs Bill 21) in Quebec even though Quebecers expect, as a minority within Canada, to have disproportionate rights when it comes to Language, federal jobs, provincial transfers etc. He considers it discriminatory and yet won’t fight it.
    5. Will create new tax on home sales
    6. Took indigenous kids to court
    7. Thinks that only Quebecers should be PM
  4. Severe poor judgement/hypocrisy:
    1. Black face
    2. Indian dancing in full garb. Making us a laughing stock.
    3. Calling $610M needless election (nobody was thwarting his actions) in middle of a pandemic and Afghan withdrawal
    4. Playing Russian roulette with vaccines by siding with China until very late in the game and putting Canadians at risk of getting no vaccines. This possibly stems from his family’s fascination with communism in China and Cuba
    5. Canada is only G8 country still considering China’s Huawei as a supplier even though they are considered a security risk. Most likely due to PET and Justin’s love for dictators (see above)
    6. Carbon tax just to give back
    7. Didn’t close borders early enough. Even when supposedly closed they were not; allowing Covid to move silently in the population—something that surely Theressa Tam should have known from epidemiology 101!
    8. Did not force Indian blockades down, rather adversely affected rail travel and the economy
    9. In favour of a vax pass only early in election. Previous to that he only supported vax passport for international travel.
    10. Appoints an incompetent and maniacle Governor General.
    11. Didn’t follow his own gov’ts recommendations during large packed rally in Toronto
  5. Fake feminist to court votes
    1. Jody Wilson Reybould and Jane Phillpot.
    2. He gropes teenagers.
    3. Allowed corruption in the Military to continue unabated and his defence minister did nothing. Vance facing sexual misconduct allegations. thought he was untouchable.  Vance gets off!!
    4. He defends his candidate Raj Saini against sex allegations
  6. Broken promises (some of which are being recycled this election)
    1. Fixing “Boiled water “ issues on all reserves
    2. 1st past the post
    3. Reduce Cellphone rates
    4. Pharmacare
    5. Closing tax haven/loopholes for the rich
    6. To balance books
    7. Affordable housing
    8. Tackling hate..Hate increased during his watch
  7. Poor financial stewart/incompetence
    1. Bought pipeline   to nowhere with our $4.5B
    2. Rampant inflation

In summary,

Due to his party putting in 2 previous clowns (Ignatieff and Dion) they chose an incompetent, privileged, arrogant drama teacher who lacks leadership and has a proven bad track record and poor judgment to put this country at risk. And yet Canadians just keep buying it!

However, he does have nice hair and a Brand Name.


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