While I work on a threee-part series on what is transpiring politically in Ottawa, there are other items of importance that I don’t want to lose.

Ukraine: The Larger Game

In the last week or two,, major events in order are:

  1. Russia recognized the two eastern breakaway provinces as sovereign states.
  2. At the request of the new states Russia sent in peacekeeping troops initially.
  3. Next, Putin announced a special operation to disarm Ukraine with the intention of establishing a neutral state which he asked for at the recent European summit.

The best analysis of the situation was published by Martin Armstrong in the following two posts:

  1. World War III Beginning Stages Now
  2. Update on World War III Unfolding

Here is more good commentary into the complexities of the situation:

If you have read the background that I have provided and maybe even done some good homework of your own (fact checkers earn you an F) you may begin to see that reality is a whole different picture than what Western MSM and authorities want you to see.

You Are Now in Play

If your understanding of what is going on in Eastern Europe comes from the mainstream media (MSM), particularly CBC and CNN, you know only what the authorities want you to believe. You are a game piece and you are now being fully played. You know nothing of the real situation.

Commenting on this is an article from The Conservative Treehouse: The First Casualty of War Is the Truth – The Current Western Propaganda for Ukraine Is Epic in Scale.

Devaluation of Our Food Supply

In a three-part series, Ryan Matters describes how

Here are the articles:

  1. The True Cost of Rockefeller Agriculture & the New Food Agenda
  2. The Unseen Environmental Crises Destroying Humanity
  3. The Unseen Environmental Crises Destroying Humanity

The complete description of the contents of the Pfizer mRNA remains shrouded in secrecy. One aspect of interest is exactly what is the gene sequence of the mRNA component. The folllowing articles are from preliminary research which I was going to spin into an article but won’t now. Bigger issues are at hand.


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