Contents of a short personal letter from Pope Benedict to the Catholic statesman Vladimir Palko have just been released. The letter shows that Benedict believed that the time of the Antichrist is being prepared or is here. This is a critical marker in the final days as discussed in the biblical book Apocalypse or revelation.

Dr. Taylor Marshall discusses the letter in the following video (20:50 minutes):

Pope Benedict says Time of the ANTICHRIST is NOW…Is the Pope right?

The key statement that Benedict makes in the letter is:

We see how the power of the Antichrist is expanding, and we can only pray that the Lord will give us strong shepherds who will defend his church in this hour of need from the power of evil.

Source: The American Conservative

The power of the Antichrist is expanding with increasing velocity. The letter is discussed more fully by Rod Drehe writing in The American Conservative in the article cited by Marshall titled Benedict XVI: It Is The Time Of Antichrist.

Marshall goes on to lay down the signs that will identify the coming of the Antichrist. He suggests that we are near the end of the final period of apostasy that occurs before the Antichrist himself appears.

Another article in the American Conservative by Rod Drehe written shortly before the one cited above titled Benedict XVI As Katechon where “Katechon” (read the definition referenced) means someone who holds back something, in this case the arrival of the Apocalyptic Antichrist. In it he quotes extensively from another book by Antonio Socci titled The Secret of Benedict XVI: Is He Still Pope?.

This book refers to christian teaching on the Antichrist which warns of religious deception:

It is not by chance that the Church teaches — basing itself on Sacred Scripture — that the Anti-christ will manifest himself precisely as a “religious deception” that will be the greatest historical incarnation of this constant threat to faith.

Source: Benedict XVI As Katechon

Drehe discusses the actions of people like George Soros to change the RCC away from traditional teaching and belief to a progressive agenda espoused by the globalists and others, but ultimately of demonic origin. It is in resisting this change that Benedict was a Katechon.

Continuing on about Benedict’s later life he brings up that Benedict was obeying God in resigning; that all his actions were in such obedience. This then places God in the position of making way for the Antichrist.

As to what you and I should do in preparation for the Evil that is overtaking the world he urges

believers to come together in small communities, rooted in faith, to build countercultural Christian resistance to the currents of the post-Christian world. I

Source: The Secret of Benedict XVI: Is He Still Pope?


My take on the events related in parts 1 and 2 of my article is the following: the church had been under attack from within for decades. Benedict was the first pope to try and correct this. More powerful forces were working against him but his resignation was in obedience to God. This allowed the installation of a pope of their choice, Cardinal Bergoglio. His resignation was marked by lightning striking the Vatican.

In God’s timeline, Evil will be allowed to overwhelm the world and the RCC in particular. This is preparation for the appearance of the Antichrist who must come and bring great devastation to the world before Christ can finally come back to defeat him and collect the faithful. Benedict was the Katechon, the person restraining the full expression of evil in the RCC. Now that he has been removed, expect to see very rapid implementation of policies and practices which deny God and Christ.

Although the book Revelation is heavily symbolic, from it and from other biblical references a timeline of events can be built. The actual timing will be unknown until the events are occurring, or have occurred. The key point is that the sequence is God’s and is inviolable. So popular concepts like the Antichrist and the ‘mark of the beast’ or ‘666’ have definite precursors that are known. So when you hear people proclaiming “this is such and such” or “that is such and such”, use your knowledge of the end times scripture and your ability for critical thinking to assess the claims.

I am reading through the New Testament now with several specific issues in mind and will begin publishing within the next month. I intend to write one pre-apocalyptic article based on the New Testament. I plan to do some articles specific to the Apocalypse also.

As a final comment, everything that I have read to date points to this time as the end of time. Is the oil in your lamp topped up?

Other Vatican News

Taylor Marshall has also released a video about another document that has just come out of Vatican circles. It is allegedly by a (small) group of Cardinals that are plotting to bring Bergoglio (Pope Frances) down. If in fact this is a genuine news item, the fact that it was released suggests the alleged conspirators lack the sophistication to pull it off. More likely it is a preemptive strike against them by the entrenched authorities. Do not be surprised if a few Cardinals should die in their sleep. Video follows (21:34 minutes):

Vatican Conservatives plan to remove Pope Francis

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