Since I wrote the original Exorcism page I continue to find related material of interest. In addition, on reflection, I find that satanic or demonic imagery is saturating our culture. People are much more open to accepting Satan than God in their considerations. As a result, I believe that understanding the reality of evil manifested by demons is perhaps a good way to get people to take God and the possibility of their eternal damnation seriously.

Fr. Vincent Lampert, a Catholic exorcist, has given us a general discussion about Satan and demons from a non-denominational perspective. It’s reference to the general body of Christian believers may be more acceptable to those of other denominations although the demonic realm is an equal opportunity employer. Watch the video below (1:23:28 minutes).

The Truth about Satan and Demons with Father Vincent Lampert

More Talks with Exorcists

Fr. Vincent gives us a discussion specifically about exorcism (1:23:28 minutes).

Father Vincent Lampert – An Exorcist’s Testimony (Audio only)

Here is a video with Fr. Dan Reehil, another exorcist (1:45:10 minutes)

Michael & The Exorcist: “I Saw Her Crawl Up A Wall” | Fr. Dan Reehil

Next, Fr. Chad Ripperger speaks about the psychology of demons in Voices in Virtue Lectures: Fr. Chad Ripperger — Demonology Function & Psychology (1:43:13 minutes – sorry that I could not embed the video). Surprisingly, demons are rule-bound and have fixed though individual psychology (1:43:13 minutes – sorry that I could not embed the video).

1:23:28 minutes).

I have two videos from another exorcist, Fr. Carlos Martins. Here is the first (1:21:23 minutes),

Exorcism Discussion with Fr. Carlos Martins

and here is the second (1:05:57 minutes).

Protection Against Demonic Influence and Possession

In the next video (53:12 minutes) Fr. Ripperger discusses how or why we may be susceptible to demonic influence or possession. He presents spIn my first article I included a video by Fr. Vincent Lampert. Here are two more videos. The first is ecific measures that you can take to protect yourself. In the next section I present a list of mortal sins to help you understand where you might be vulnerable.

Spiritual Protection ~ Fr Ripperger

What Is Sin?

Understanding the nature of sin and therefore our personal sins becomes important for two reasons, One is that we are called to repent and sin no more as part of our salvation. The second reason is that sin weakens our virtue and provides the cracks through which demonic influence easily enters.

I realized in listening to Fr. Ripperger speak of mortal sin that I had no idea what a mortal sin was. Different religions may assign different importance to sins but I find the Roman Catholic definitions suitable, having 2000 years of theological thought and inspiration behind their teaching.

Here is a good list of mortal sins. It names the sin and then gives an explanation of what constitutes it.

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