Because I have been focused on recent critical issues, a number of items which I have found noteworthy have collected. This post will be a collection of Bits n’ Pieces..

A Bond Primer

Occasionally I find an educational article from which I benefit. In the spirit of sharing, here is an introduction to the topic of bonds. For sure skip if uninterested.

The following 20:08 minute video gives a very good introduction to bonds, interest rates, and central bank operation. I think it is very understandable if you take it slowly with frequent stops to digest what the guy has said and rollbacks to repeat ideas presented. It’s not too long at 20:07 minutes but very dense.

Perspective on Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the CIA

The geopolitics of Eastern Europe and the Ukraine in particular is murky and complex, mainly because it is manoeuvring by politicians and intelligence agencies who are as transparent as a 12″ thick lead wall. reading different view points can expand our understanding.

In “Operation Cyclone: Ukraine Edition” – is this the real plan?, Gavin O’Reilly argues that the West’s intention is to draw Russia into a debilitating guerrilla war like the US created for itself in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One of the elements in Eastern Europe as I noted above, is the covert activity of the US CIA and British MI6. Apart from creating a coup in the Ukraine with MI6, the CIA is still active there, arming and training Ukrainian paramilitary forces. They are also active in Kazakhstan (Fault Line: Kazakhstan; The National Debt and Freedom) as documented in this good summary of the three types of CIA-sponsored coups: The Three Types of US ‘Regime Change’.


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