If your knowledge of the Ukraine situation is derived from the MSM then you know exactly what your government wants you to think of the war in the Ukraine. It’s called propaganda and it amounts to nothing.

In this post I try and present other aspects that may help you achieve a real understanding of the Ukraine situation. For context, Russia has been invaded twice from Europe in the last 210 years. First it was Napoleon on Jun 24, 1812. Then it was Hitler on June 23, 1941.

Historical Background and Strategic Picture

I have read quite a few perspectives and commentaries on the situation over the last month. The following video gives a reasonably balanced analysis of what’s behind Putin’s actions and some scenarios of what could follow.

The author has a pro-western bias, but if you look past it there is a lot of good background material and strategic analysis.

In an article titled Opening Salvos Thrown – What Are Putin’s Next Steps in Ukraine?, Tom Luongo paints a much larger picture as a struggle between Russia and Davos (the World Economic Forum). If he’s right, you better hope and pray that Russia is successful. The alternative is global serfdom under a small ruling elite centered in Geneva.

While Russia opened with a military gambit, the West opened with a financial one. This is highly risky, not for Russia but for the West because the Western financial structured is built on massive debt and is highly leveraged. It will only take one key domino to fall and the entire structure implodes. Watch the European banks for that first domino.

Alasdair Macleod provides additional background commentary: How Ukraine fits into the global jigsaw.

It is important to understand the US interests in the Ukraine conflict and why the US has been the strongest proponent of a war in the Ukraine. This next article provides that background: America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century: The MIC, BARE and OGAM Conquer NATO. Also, you can get more insight into US involvement from the article: Before Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, a Decade of Destabilization.

Hopefully, having reviewed the material above, you will have a much broader understanding of what’s going on, what is at stake, and that fighting in the Ukraine is background noise to larger issues.

Viewpoint of a Ukrainian National

This speaker presents the litany of complaints held by Russian-speaking Ukrainian nationalists in the two breakaway republics.

As a late addition, I’m adding an interview by Gerald Celente with a resident of Donetsk. As the interviewee notes, media reporting from both sides is heavily propagandized. He is able to give some insight into what has been going on on the ground. Of particular note is his explanation of the Russian intervention as a preventative strike against a planned major government offensive against the breakaway provinces.

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