I continue to find good analysis of the Ukraine situation. In particular, I’m interested in the blow-back effects of sanctions. The worst may be yet to come as our massively over-leveraged and indebted Western economies shudder.

The Use of Propaganda in the Ukraine War

In my previous post I stated that virtually everything reported in the MSM is propaganda. Some individuals have done good work in exposing examples. The following video provides several:

There is a list of links in this next article exposing incidents of staged propaganda: Ukrainian From The Heart Of Donetsk Exposes The Lies About The Russia-Ukraine Conflict.

Other Ukraine Articles

Gail Tverberg is a longtime advocate of the peak energy hypothesis. She applies her thinking to th Russia/Ukraine situation. I don’t support all her assertions but include her writing for those who might wish to expand their information base. Russia’s attack on Ukraine represents a demand for a new world order

COVID Death Reporting

Dr. John Campbell who has been reporting on the pandemic since early in 2020 I believe, has just analyzed data from a Freedom of Information Act request in Britain. He notes a large over-reporting in COVID deaths.

US Bioweapons Labs in the Ukraine

One of the first actions by the Russians on invading the Ukraine was to secure a number US bioweapons research in the Ukraine. I have seen information on this from multiple sources. Here’s one:

Here’s Dr. Paul Cottrell on the topic:

As well, the labs were mentioned in Gerald Celente’s interview in my last post, Ukraine: A Larger Perspective.

Links to Articles of Note


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