The debate about the SARS-CoV-2 virus’ origin continues without getting to the real source or sources. Multiple releases are one theory being investigated by some. The real US involvement has not made it into the MSM but background information on this has been available on the web and I have been following it for more than a year.

Emails of a Chinese virologist obtained by a freedom of information act request are reported to reveal that a Chinese lab scientist became infected in a lab accident in early January, 2020. Realizing this and to cover up the accident, he quickly invented and built a time machine. He then travelled back in time to November 2019 to initiate the COVID-19 outbreak, November being about the earliest date independent research has come up with as the actual start[2].

On the other hand, the report could simply be a psyop planted by either the Americans or the Chinese or both to try and cause the heads of investigators to explode, stopping the investigation. My personal view is that it is a story planted by penguins – or pangolins that the Chinese were experimenting on in the Wuhan lab. The theory that a pangolin that contracted the virus in a one night stand with an infected horseshoe bat, then bit the scientist who was doing nasty things to it, has largely been discounted by the Bat Lady herself. The Bat Lady … hmmmm.


I’m going to have fun with rather than run with this one. A report by the Houston Chronicle[3] of a study out of Israel on tests of the Pfizer booster shot noted:

Of the 4,500 respondents to the survey, 88% reported “a similar or better feeling” than their reaction to the previous dose, with 31% saying they had localized effects like pain or swelling in the area of injection, according to a statement from Clalit Health Services late Sunday.

Houston Chronicle[3]

Oh, yummy.

Apparently, those who died from either the first or second shot were not invited to participate.


I have reference disorders of the central nervous system in several posts as one of the major classes of adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. One such disorder is Bell’s Palsy. Health Canada has now recognized it and required Pfizer to include it in its warnings[4].


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