When I started researching COVID in January 2020 after the CCP locked down Wuhan, there was little information available on SARS-CoV-2 – indeed this name did not exist at the time – and the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t been invented then. It was easy to stay abreast of developments limited only by good sources. Now I can’t keep up on even one aspect of the whole Plandemic. The good news is that I don’t have to because so many real experts, investigative journalists and writers are producing excellent up-to-date reports.

Because of this, I will be publishing references, summaries and videos from these people. Since I cover such a broad range of topics I’ve decided to share the best sources that I have found. Their are certainly many more and perhaps even better ones that I don’t know about, but my plate is full to overflowing. All the sources that I share are either fully free or operate on voluntary donations. The few sources that are so good I’m willing to pay for I will not share material from.

What I’m Watching

This is the first introduction to such a source. I will publish more from time to time.

Adam Taggart separated from Dr. Chris Martenson, being co-creators of Peak Prosperity, and started his own initiative called Wealthion. He produces video interviews with all the great names in finance and investing and makes them available for free. In this latest interview with Jesse Felder, they cover current market conditions and make some predictions that if you have investments, you may not want to miss.

Key points:

  • We may be close to a 30% market correction.
  • The FED cannot allow a major correction or a crash but may want to induce a smaller correction so that it can position itselves to better fight inflation.
  • The FED cannot fight inflation aggressively by raising rates very much.
  • Four rate hikes and a tapering are already priced into the market.
  • Passive investing such as ‘buy and hold’ is not a growth strategy today.
  • Insiders are selling their positions which says the smart money is taking their profits out of the market because market fundamentals are deteriorating.
  • This is the time to review how your wealth is managed, ahead of significant market turmoil this year.

Part 2 is here on the Weathion YouTube channel: The Best Investments That Protect Against Inflation Are ON SALE Right Now. Jessie Felder’s website is found here at The Felder Report.

Last week, Taggart started producing a weekly market wrap-up with Lance Roberts. Today was the second issue of it. Put it in your calendar as a recurring event if you want to know what the markets are doing.

Multiple Boosters Will Harm You

Dr. Paul Cottrell explained, in a video that I can’t find offhand, how, working from published data on antibody response to a booster shot, the antibody titres (concentration in the blood stream) were lower than those produced by the second vaccine shot. This suggests that each successive booster will be less effective than the previous. This next article suggests this lower efficacy: COVID-19 booster: Lower antibody level doesn’t mean less protection from the coronavirus.

Another warning about boosters comes from Marco Cavaleri, European Medicines Agency (EMA) head of biological health threats and vaccines strategy: Repeat Booster Shots Could Be Bad For You Warn Some Experts and EU medicines regulator warns on COVID booster shot frequency. I’ve seen other articles in the past on this effect. From now on I’ll publish their links in this section of a post.

The damage to the immune system by these vaccines is slowly emerging as new studies are published. I have a lot of material that I have not published but will collect in future articles.

For example I just received this from a friend: Official government data from Germany suggests covid fully vaccinated people will develop AIDS. This is consistent with a lot of work done by Dr. Paul Cottrell.

The Daddy of All Rabbit Holes

Catherine Austin Fitz is a lady with a deep CV in public administration. She also publishes the Solari Report. She has a better handle on the deep global game that is in its 9th inning. It is one of two or three publications that I subscribe to – highly recommended. She is so far down the Rabbit Hole that you come up gasping for air.

Below is an interview that Greg Hunter did with her yesterday. A key theme is the danger of the vaccine passport in combination with central bank digital currencies (CBDC). The vaccine mandate is the honey trap set by the global ruling cabal to create the control stricture for the totalitarian state whose early stage has been the COVID Plandemic. If you doubt this, make a list of all rights and freedoms that you thought you had that are conditional on what the authorities decide for you for this week.

Links to Items of Note

These are stories that I thought relevant to current issues and debate but have not verified with sources. This is the start of a bread crumb trail for anyone who wishes to investigate, a technique that I use extensively on news.


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