With this post I am initiating regular coverage of World War III (WWIII) which arguably has been under way for some time. Kinetic conflicts usually have reasonably well defined start and end points whereas the other forms of modern warfare are much more difficult to identify, partly because they may consist of a continuum of expression of degree over time.

Lithuania has implemented a partial land blockade of the Russian province of Kalingrad on the Baltic Sea[1]. Pipeline and rail links to Russia pass through Lithuania as well as Belarus, a country friendly towards Russia.

As ZeroHedge notes, the blockade consists of:

Supplies from Russia are delivered via rail and gas pipelines through Lithuania – which announced last week that it was banning the rail transit of goods subject to EU sanctions, which include coal, advanced technology, metals and construction materials.

Source: ZeroHedge[1].

This is an unnecessary blockade except as a further provocation of Russia by NATO and the West. It is an escalation in the war with Russia.


  1. Russia Demands Lithuania Lift “Openly Hostile” Blockade; Panic Buying Ensues.

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  • Russian Economic Strategy. Russia’s New Rules by Tom Luongo. He outlines Russian economic strategy.


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