There is a small group of people within the anti-vaxx movement that I wish to address. Calling them anti-vaxxers is not intended to denigrate them but simply to try and place them within a boundary of a larger group of people. I’m sure there are people that would call me an anti-vaxxer – whatever that means.

The following video by Dr. Paul Cottrell provides an exceptionally clear explanation of how viral RNA is extracted for genetic sequencing. He doesn’t say this but it is the same sequence of steps that are used in preparing your nasal swab sample for the PCR test which requires a pure sample of RNA as input. (It’s been a year since I studied the RT-PCR test but I think I explain its operation here: The RT-PCR Test).

Some background in biochemistry or molecular biology would help in a detailed understanding. Barring this, a search engine like DuckDuckGo or a medical dictionary such as the online Medical Dictionary.

If you had some basic science background then with possibly a little work you will have understood the argument for the existence, isolation and sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. If you lack the background you may still have been persuaded. If neither is the case and you still dispute the premise, you have no rational basis for a dispute and you need to ask yourself why you doggedly persist in holding an indefensible position. How were you initially persuaded? Read the material that I have written on narratives, cults and mass formation psychosis, most recently in Mass Formation (Psychosis)..


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